Users benefit from such capabilities as viewing and managing their Exchange calendars and contacts on the phone and receive meeting reminders while still having access to their corporate directory—and all while waiting for their PCs to boot.Users can also extend their PC desktop to include the VVX 500 phone's screen, enabling simplified interactions and dialing using their PC's mouse and keyboard.

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The digital-to-analog processing is taken outside the computer chassis and all its electrical interference that can degrade fidelity.

In addition, the quality of components inside a well-designed DAC will rival almost any sound card.

If using a computer as a primary audio source, moving from the onboard sound card to a DAC will likely yield a dramatic improvement in sound quality.

It even features front-panel input switching, so it's easy to flip between USB, coaxial, and optical digital inputs at a moment's notice!

Topping, who has made a fine reputation on desktop-sized Class D amplifiers, is branching out!

The D20 is a feature-packed digital analog converter that accepts USB, digital coaxial, or digital optical signals, and is switchable from the front panel.For those using a computer as a music source, the benefits of using an external DAC are hard to overstate. It's "plug and play", requiring no additional software installation.The Polycom VVX 500 multimedia IP phone is a 12 SIP line IP phone with HD Voice that is Open Source to work with most SIP PBX's and 3rd party UC platforms.It will handle up to 12 SIP registrations and features a 3.5in TFT color capacitive touch screen that reacts to gestures, similar to how most mobile phone interfaces work today.The VVX 500 has 2 USB 2.0 ports for media and storage applications which allow you to use the display on the phone for multiple uses such as built in web applications, digital photo frame, news, sports, weather, or even as an extension of your PC desktop.Designed for a broad range of environments from small and medium businesses to large enterprises, the VVX 500 performance business media phone improves productivity, by complimenting the workplace applications on the user's computer.