You know that the bible says it’s wrong but you still find yourself thinking about it and wondering whether you should just do it anyway and ask God to forgive you later lol!You might feel pressured to have sex with your boyfriend because you feel like the two of you are in love and that you are going to get married in the future so that should make it okay.

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My guess is that your boyfriend as a teenager will end up doing some pretty dumb things to hurt you as well even though he might not mean to.

My guess is that this teenage love affair like most will end up breaking up and if you have sex with this guy you would have sold yourself cheaply and he will end up telling all his friends about how he slept with you in detail (even though half of it will be lies.) Think of the embarrassment this will cause you.

I can guarantee you that you will regret having sex with him if you do it, you will feel guilty and it will really affect your relationship with God.

This Christian teenage dating advice is for you if your boyfriend wants to make you have sex.

If you are a Christian teenage girl dating and you find yourself in a situation where your boyfriend wants to have sex and is putting pressure on you to sleep with him, then this Christian teenage dating advice is for you.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation then it means that you are in a very dangerous place, the chances are that you have already crossed some sexual boundaries that you shouldn’t have crossed and now he wants to take it further.Deep down within you, you know that you are not ready, you know that it is wrong for Christian teens dating to have sex before marriage.My advice to you is that if your so called “Christian” boyfriend truly loved you then he wouldn’t be trying to make you disobey the word of God, true love waits, if he truly loves you then he should wait until you are both married to have sex with you.But let me be honest with you, most Christian teenage dating doesn’t end in marriage.So if you sleep with him just know that the chances are that you giving your most prized posession (your body, your temple ) to someone who is going to leave you in the end anyway – is it really worth it?I remember as a Christian teenager thinking that I was going to marry my first girlfriend, and even though we dated for about 5 years (off and on), the relationship like most Christian teens dating discover ultimately ended in heartache for the both of us but more for her because as a teenage guy then; I did some pretty dumb things to hurt her but then I didn’t know any better.