Now under one bulging roof, this extended family of seven redefines the word "togetherness" as their home splits at the seams with chaos, confusion and laughter."Harriette and Carl Winslow are the backbone of this odd brood.

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An outspoken and opinionated matriarch, Mother Winslow's special brand of wisdom and understanding provides the family with history and texture.

"Harriette and Carl's offspring include Eddie and Laura.

Eddie, 19, is a typical, hormonal college guy whose interests include hanging out with his buddy Waldo Faldo - who has a heart of gold and a head full of air - girls, teasing his sisters, girls, testing his parents' patience and girls.

Like many dads, he is beleaguered, put-upon and taken for granted, and charged with putting bread on the table, doing household repairs and suffering the traditional "slings and arrows" of fatherhood, such as tax return preparation, hormonal teenagers, and the annoying and inventively irritating suitor of his daughter, Steve Urkel.

"Completing the Winslow family is Mother Winslow and Richie Crawford , Harriette and Carl's eight-year-old nephew.

Mother Winslow, Carl's mother, possesses a fresh, open-minded attitude towards life that endears her to the grandchildren but confounds her son.

Carl (whose lack of extraordinary talent, incidentally, is a regular target for her acerbic critical remarks).

Jaleel White as Steve Urkel (with occasional appearances as Stefan Urquelle, Steve's alter ego, and Myrtle Urkel, Steve's cousin); White is listed as a recurring guest through most of the first season but quickly becomes a co-star "If only their house was as big as their hearts!

Seven years ago, Harriette and Carl Winslow generously invited Harriette's nephew to move into the small home they shared with their two children in suburban Chicago.