Know what makes my fellow Aussies so different from others? That's why, when I meet a good looking dude who makes me feel horny, I simply 'jump on him' and ask him to be my new lover.I have to admit that it sometimes happen several times in a day... Resolution: 480p WARNING: Virtua Girl Classic cards are intended exclusively for collectors as they are NOT in HD.Title: Ashley’s Nightmare Author: The Big Love126, jjgarces Celebs: Ashley Tisdale Codes: MMF, MF, cons, nc, rape, dream, oral, anal, drugs, exh Summary: Ashley Tisdale finds herself trapped in a long, vivid nightmare after taking a sleeping pill.

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It had been over two months since she had had a night of sleep last over four hours.

She was on a certain sleeping pill for about a week but was not finding any success with it. The young woman swallowed the pill and headed back into the bedroom.

She revisited the doctor earlier in the day and her gave her a much stronger medication. She would experience long, vivid dreams with no ability to awake from it for several hours. She crawled into her big bed, pulled the over her body and turned the lights off.

Within minutes, she was asleep and headed off to dreamland.

Any similarities to reality or strictly coincidental If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – “I’m going to head off to bed Scott.” Ashley Tisdale told her boyfriend over the phone.

“Love you, goodnight.” The beautiful blonde girl tossed her cell phone onto the desk and strolled into the bathroom.

She quickly brushed her teeth, used the toilet and went into the medicine cabinet for her sleeping medication.

Ashley had suffered from severe insomnia over the last few months, getting so bad that she needed to visit a doctor.

– Ashley was now at the beginning of her long dream.

She was sitting in a movie theater as a romantic comedy played on the screen.

She sat and watched the movie for several minutes when she felt a chill run through her body.