Or now we introduced special gift items you can send to your matches ahead of time, if you want to impress them.

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To find out more about CMB, I reached out to Co-Founder & CEO Arum Kang who answered my questions below over email regarding how the site works, what kinds of fees members can expect, and what sets CMB apart from other online dating sites. One of the first things we heard back from members when we ran the pilot was that they liked the personal touch.

It's personal also because we use user's own network to determine the daily match (or daily Bagels as we call it! i think its better than okcupid and other mass dating sites because you dont feel like you're one of 10000 other options waiting to be picked off the shelf. Our core service is free and we plan to stay that way.

I hate that online dating services tie you down with expensive monthly subscription fees--when you don't even know if you are ever going to get anything out of it!

New York - Too often, online dating can feel like taking on a second job –– without the pay. Meet Coffee Meets Bagel, the first online dating service where members are privately paired to a potential match each day at noon.

④ If a both “LIKE” each other, they are connected immediately through text message via a private company phone line.

You receive complimentary gifts from one of New York’s finest date spots such as Billy’s Bakery, Café Grumpy, and Pierre Loti on the first date.As a fresh graduate with a MBA from Harvard Business School, Co-Founder & CEO Arum Kang brewed up Coffee Meets Bagel with her sister Soo, who found herself frustrated by the New York dating scene.Our site has a virtual currency called Coffee Beans that you can collect by inviting friends or filling out details in your profile etc.Collecting enough coffee beans allows you to purchase fun items that can help you connect with others.For example, let's say you missed the 24 hour window because you were traveling or you forgot.Our "rematch" card allows you to request a rematch with that person.