Before consolidation, a student borrower might have multiple loans to pay back and many different loan balances to track.After consolidating his or her loans, a student borrower will have just one monthly payment and just one loan balance to maintain.

If you take may advice given in my loans for medical school page, you don't take out any private loans during medical school.

That is very important advice from a medical school loan consolidation standpoint.

If you have private loans, those loans will not be available for a federal loan consolidation.

“First, consolidated school districts usually make use of larger schools, which implies that average transportation distance must increase.

As a result, consolidation might increase a district’s transportation spending per pupil.

Finally, students may be more motivated and parents may find it more comfortable to interact with teachers in smaller districts, which tend to have a greater community feel.

Student loan consolidation is a relatively easy concept to understand: it is the process of taking multiple student loans and combining them into one.

These are just a few of the issues to keep in mind when students, or former students, are contemplating consolidation.

Medical school loan consolidation is one of the key things that most students do after they are done with medical school.

It is very common practice, and in some cases a pretty smart idea.

Let's go over some of the rules and how it will all work out for you if you decide to go that route.