No better excuse than the new year to get things rolling again.Here are the top apps that will let you squeeze in a coffee date, plan a spontaneous adventure, or find a friend while exploring abroad.Tess Ward documents her dating adventures in Grazias Date Night Dinners blog Photograph: PR.

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Its broadcast service, which sends out a note to those in your vicinity, is an especially useful way to spend a few spare moments. Its most popular in London, with 950,000 users passing through. Price : Free, but must already have (or purchase) membership.

Users have the option to chat and share photos mainly of their abs and penises. Sonar By connecting to your Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Foursquare accounts, this app shows you the locations of friends and other interesting people you might have mutual connections with.

And unlike dating sites, most of these apps are free (though how their business models work is still rather vague).These apps are obviously popular: based on the number of users logging in and swiping their evenings away (Tinder alone has reported 75 million matches) but I have to wonder, is app dating becoming more of a game in itself.Yet this isnt solely inspired by convenience: developers have been quick to build apps that take advantage of the smartphones features to oil the dating wheels.Other features let you message others in your proximity and browse date ideas. Price : Free Tingle A more anonymous version of apps like Grindr, Tingle lets you talk on the phone and text potential romantic partners without giving away your phone number or exact location.For example, instead of bothering to appraise every profile, this app allows guys to like in bulk, which enables them to wait and see which girls are keen.It also allows you to see who is Tindering in other places (helpful in deciding where to go on holiday or where to move, perhaps) and for the sentimental completists it keeps.