Marigold Farmer Giant nerd, hopelessly awkward, big fan of anime, manga, and videogames. Recovering man-whore who writes terrible country songs for a living.

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Raven Pritchard Coffee of Doom's resident idiot savant.

Amir Afridi Bassist for Deathmole, slightly crusty. Penelope Gaines Irascible Coffee of Doom employee, teetotaler, and all-around literature enthusiast. Wishes he had been born a hundred years earlier, even though he probably would have died of consumption. Divorcee cautiously dipping his toe back in the dating scene.

Precocious, outdoorsy, Pokemon enthusiast frog-worshipper. Clinton Augustus AI enthusiast, huge fanboy of Hannelore's dad.

Overall, I'm looking for a place where I don't feel unsafe walking back from a bus stop at night and where I can meet people my age.

Marten Reed The closest thing to a protagonist we've got.

Mopey, passive, unsure of what to do with his life. Faye Whitaker Sexy, snarky, and endearingly combative.

SOUNDS LIKE A REAL WINNER, HUH Pintsize Marten's sociopathic robot buddy. Used to work at Coffee of Doom, currently doing ILLEGAL WELDING. Dora Bianchi Skinny post-goth proprietor of Coffee of Doom. Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham Obsessive-compulsive, neurotic, anxiety-ridden, surprisingly adorable.

Hello all, I'm moving to Indianapolis next month, and I am looking for a good place to live.

I'm in my 20's, and I will be working downtown.