If you're not in the same league, you lose out on this opportunity. So if you're hot, in theory you'll only interact attractive people.

Photo Feeler has separate categories for Business, Dating, and Social photos and 9 traits you can test for.

Voters also leave notes with specific insights about how you’re coming across and advice for improving your impression.

Putting photos on Photo Feeler is safer than any alternative.

You decide exactly when your photos will be visible, to whom, and for how long.

"I used Photofeeler to test portraits for my website, FB, Twitter and Linked In.

I asked friends what they thought about them, but the answers went in all directions.

At the same time I tested them on Photofeeler and got a quick and clear answer on which one is best.

It is a useful tool and I like its simplicity." - Joost V.

"Photo Feeler is not just a great service, it's a true eye-opener for how we see ourselves compared to how people see us." - Bashar N.