The closure of Willowbrook, the placement of individuals with developmental disabilities in community residences, the growth of voluntary agencies and the expansion of day programs and special education can all be linked to the Judgement. Cucchiara at: [email protected] College of Staten Island Archives & Special Collections Library, 1L-216 2800 Victory Boulevard Staten Island, New York 10301 (718) 982-4128; fax: (718) 982-4127 e-mail: [email protected] New York State Archives Cultural Education Center 3043 Albany, NY 12230 (518) 474-8955 e-mail: [email protected] Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives State University of New York, Albany New Library Building, Room 352 1400 Washington Avenue Albany, NY 12222 (518) 437-3931; fax (518) 437-3930 Kheel Center Martin P.The Judgement finally recognized and enforced the rights of individuals with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. “The History of Institutionalization and the National Deinstitutionalization Movement in America (with Special Focus on Willowbrook State School).” M. Catherwood Library School of Industrial and Labor Relations Cornell University 227 Ives Hall Ithaca, New York 14853-3901 607-255-3183; fax 607-255-9641 email: [email protected] New York State Library Manuscripts and Special Collections Cultural Education Center Empire State Plaza Albany, New York 12230 (518) 474-6282; fax (518) 474-5786 e-mail: [email protected] Collections Research Center Syracuse University Library E.

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A combination of rising placements, budget cuts, ignorance, arrogance and indifference, created notorious conditions at Willowbrook.

By 1965, with over 6,000 residents in an institution planned for just 4,000, Senator Robert Kennedy was calling Willowbrook a “snake pit.” In November 1971, The State Island Advance published a series of articles detailing the horrible conditions at the school.

Following these articles, in January 1972, Geraldo Rivera, the television reporter, began a series of programs that shook the conscience of New York State and the nation and inspired parents and others to take legal action.

The end result was the signing of a consent judgement in federal court in 1975. The Consent Judgement has been called “revolutionary” because of what it accomplished and for what it inspired. The Bancroft Library University of California, Berkeley Berkeley California 94720-6000 (510) 642-6481; fax (510) 642-7589 e-mail: [email protected] College Archives & Special Collections Brooklyn College Library 2900 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11210-2889 (718) 951-5346; fax (718) 951-4557 email: Professor Anthony M.

Appointed by President Eisenhower, he kept this post until his death in 1997. [et al.], Defendants, United States of America,1987 Settlement Agreement Proposed Community Placement Plan for the Members of the Willowbrook Class in NYSARC and Parisi v.

He is most widely known for presiding over the Willowbrook and John Gotti trials. William Bronston, MD worked as a staff physician at Willowbrook (from 1970-1972) and was dismissed after agitating for change. Carey, Individually and as Governor of the State of New York . Carey / Prepared Under the Direction of the Willowbrook Review Panel [in Cooperation with the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene].

The papers were given to Brooklyn College by the U. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Later he was a star witness in a legal case brought by parents to improve conditions at the School.

This guide is intended to help researchers locate material useful in understanding the history of the school.

The main focus is on selected primary source materials, particularly archival collections and New York State publications.