When there is alot of phyiscs going on in the game it tends to cause some lag, this has been addressed as an Nvidia card issues, if you run a different card and still have the issue please let us know so we can update the information.2.

Please note these are not all the issues, and if I have not listed any please post them and they will be added. If you remap any hotkeys IE 1,2,3 the new hotkey you remapped it to does not show up on your UI. When clicking on a recently earned achivment in the chat window, the achivment box pops up telling you the achivment details, but there is no [X] on the window to close it out. Elite Kills - Achivment does not update or give you credit after you kill 35 champion rare or uniques.3.

At times when other players kill monsters and loot drops and you are not in the area the text displaying what has dropped will not show up on your screen unless you mouse over the item on the ground, while new loot from monsters that is killed while you are in the area shows up. Spare change - does not update or give you credit after you pick up 5000 gold off the ground.2.

Bringing down the house - Achivment does not update or give credit after killing 10 monsters with the world enviroment.4.

Gate Crasher - has been checked and is working as intented.**there is a theory that achivments become bugged after you have completed the beta if the achivments were not finished and you "completed them" after killing the end beta boss they lock up and you don't get any credit**Previously noted issues1.

the new patch from Mooege now allows for LAN mode as well.

First Follow these instructions Quote Download Here: *** OR OR - D3Emu support retail client with 1.02.9991 version. Login using [email protected] with password 123456 NOTE: To run on LAN (Multiplayer) use Server and Client!- Download the Diablo 3 from here, update it by open the launcher. run the notepad in adminmode then reach this location and find for c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ host file in this file you need to make some changes like this Quote this will redirect the packets which try to reach eu.actual.to your local host. Server will indicate the ip address to type in Client just scroll up in the Mooege Server’s Window!- Download Visual C# Express Edition and install it. - Go to where you have install the game then go to Data_D3\PC\MPQs - Copy this folders “base” and “en GB” and past them in C:\D3Emu\Assets\MPQ then go back to Data_D3\PC\MPQs - Copy this files “Client Data.mpq” and “Core Data.mpq” and past them in C:\D3Emu\Assets\MPQ - Then go where you install the game, make shortcut for Diablo and add this extension “-launch” once you done above instructions. then launch the game and use these authentication values username: [email protected] password: 123456 login to Tunngle and join to any lobby but players who intend to play with you should be in the same lobby. If your client version is it might work!- Download emulator and extract it on C:\ - Download Sql Lite: (Even if you’re on x64, use x86 library) and install it. then go to the game and let them to join to your session. this is just a theory I made based on Mooege 's new LAN fix. if you have any issue feel free to contact me with a screenshot. (Not tested or use the files below and overwrite) If you are in you can manual patch using these files: Version Manual Patch Default injected domain in hosts file are US, GB and EU region.UPDATED: This patch was originally from Mooege team. UPDATED: UPDATE: 06/20-Emulator V3+LAN Quote - D3Emu support retail client with 1.02.9991 version. If you’re not in these regions, you can edit the scripts or manual patch the host file!- Download Diablo 3 game, and update it via Diablo 3 Launcher. - Put the rar file in C:\ and extract it there, the you should have a folder named D3Emu. Windows: Diablo III 1.0.3 (build 10057) – Windows – [Language: Neutral] – 11 MB - Diablo-III-[Mirror 2] Mac OS X: Diablo III 1.0.3 (build 10057) – Mac OS X – [Language: Neutral] – 29 MB - Diablo-III-[Mirror 2] Extract/drag into your Diablo III folder, replace files and merge contents. I just made a quick search and found out it's actually from Mooege team not from they are responsibly for patching the Diablo 3. This post has been edited by h4zard0us: 20 June 2012 - I've followed all the instructions and when I log in to d3 it says that I need to update and it automatically updates, then I have to down grade to try again. There are two files in the game folder: "Diablo III Launcher" & "Diablo III".