This domain is in pending delete status and will be dropped from the Registry on Aug 10, 2016 and available for Registration by the public through your preferred Registrar or you can also Backorder it through Registrars that offers that service. El dominio estará disponible para el publico el Aug 10, 2016 y estará disponible para ser registrado a través de un Registrador o puede ser Pre-Reservado a través de un Registrador que ofrezca este servicio.Lately, there has been lot of talking about whether or not online dating really works.

Does online dating really work for women bobby cutts and dating site

Hence the question is asked, does online dating work? This question in turn is answered by another question which is “Do we really know what we want?

” Until and unless you’re absolutely sure that you have filled the form perfectly you can’t really say that online dating does or doesn’t work.

Firstly let me just say that technology nowadays has helped us in every aspect of our life and it has given us the choices that lot of other people didn’t have but in case of dating the more choices we have the more confused we get because this is the matter of our entire life and we don’t really want to carry any regrets.

So, when we sign up on a dating site we are approached by a lot of other members, ladies more than men but in the end it’s like flipping through the pages of a magazine which never ends containing the pictures of men/women which you can date if you want.

And you have to choose the one from this vast list to date with having hundreds of other options, I know, we are suppose to be monogamous but if you’re going to keep a hundred wrapped chocolates and asked me to choose only one and no one is in the room, well then I would be tempted too.

One really bad thing about online dating is that people can lie on their profile like they say that they are 6 ft tall when they are really just 5’6” or something like that and the weird thing is no one can tell because well it’s online dating and not face to face yet.The example I have used is the simple one which if you love the person you can get over it but some people lie about their age like old women lies to get young guys and the same goes for men as well.Hence, here we are to explore the different aspects of online dating and find out answers to does online dating work or not.If one thing we know humans is that we are inconsistent with what we really want.So, it goes into online dating as well because we have to fill a form and give them some information to work with in order to pair us with the right person but therein lies our problem which is that we don’t really know what we want.Hence, I say sometimes they may match us with the right person, but sometime they may pair us with a person that we can’t even tolerate for a minute.