Our etiquette classes are not just about how to use your forks and knives.We teach more than etiquette decorum and style plus a responsibility to maintain these skills.It is also building confidence, self-development, communication skills, having good values, becoming comfortable, building a strong positive relationships with families, setting goals, presenting yourself better in public, grooming standards, hair and makeup for ladies, taking care of your skin, learning table manners, cell phone etiquette, having poise, how to be confident in a public setting, dating for adults, dealing with co-workers and finding ways to be productive. The topics may not all fit in the 4 week one hour each week program.

Some factors are traffic situations, how early or how late the lesson before yours and the availability of the location.

You must contact and confirm your lessons at least two hours before each lesson either by phone, email or text.

All payments made are non-refundable or non-transferable. Fill out the form below this page and indicate which classes or day and time that you would like attend.

Register today by sending us an email to [email protected] You must pay by cash or check at the door or by Paypal listed above. NOTE: SOMETIMES, YAHOO EMAIL MESSAGES CAN BE SENT TO JUNK MAIL BY ACCIDENT.

Improve your sales and double your business earnings with proper business etiquette and excellent social customer service. 10 am until 7 pm (We accept request for times not indicated here) Weekends are available upon request and availability. The etiquette lessons are suggestions and are meant for your training, learning and are not meant to judge any students.

Our job is to educate you and it is up to you to apply them in your life.The schedule will be based on your availability as well as the etiquette instructor's availability.You will need some flexibility in the schedule set.To confirm your spot in our class, you will need you to pay in advance via paypal, using our email or cash upon arrival to the first class. If you wish to have a private class, we can accommodate you for the same price. PLEASE CALL US TO MAKE SURE WE RECEIVE YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION.After you pay for the class, you must call 714-619-1085 or email [email protected] Thank you and we are looking forward to meeting you all! We will be using a nice hotel and our class is interactive so please wear comfortable clothes (Sunday Best) and clean shoes. Etiquette regarding relationship and proper communication with boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, child/children, adopted kids, your relationship's child or children, boss, dating style and techniques, etc.This is a 4 Week Program, 0 per person, one hour per week, four times. Whether you you want to learn how to be self-confident, learn the American Culture, be able to relate more to people, dating etiquette, enhance personal image, become well mannered and have the confidence in both business, personal or individual success, this class is for you! Becoming aware on how to adapt to a social status is very important.