She’s still having to deal with the aftermath of her previous relationship, in terms of legal issues as well as possible nude photos and a suspected sex tape.

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She’s a great person, definitely.” When asked about the claims that the two were spotted locking lips he said, “Whatever. That’s all.” [from Rihanna] So at last check they might be hooking up, but they weren’t dating.

“She and Drake were attached at the hip,” said our source.

After that, the duo went to Greenhouse on Varick Street and sat in the VIP area.

“They are definitely together, but really trying to be discreet,” said our tipster. [from NY Post] What with the humiliating and painful public breakup Rihanna had to go through after her altercation with Chris Brown, it’s no surprise that she would want to keep a new relationship quiet.

Rihanna and Drake met when they signed on to work on a single together. But now the Rihanna is stepping out with her new man.

In May, after they had been spotted partying and making out, Drake denied the rumors that he was dating Rihanna. I’ve never in my mind felt like, ‘Oh, I could probably write something crazy for Rihanna.’ That wasn’t my first thought. It’s nice.” With rumor swirling around lately that Rihanna was making out with Drake at a club, of course Drake was asked whether or not they were dating. The singer, who dropped Chris Brown after he allegedly beat her up, is now dating hip-hop artist Drake.

Only two weeks later, though, his tune had changed a bit. But when the interviewer asked him specifically about reports of them making out in public, he responded, “Whatever. That’s all.” He told DJ Semtex, “I’m actually writing for Rihanna right now. But being put up to the task, we’re coming up with some special stuff. The couple went to the after-party for the movie “Year One” on the Empire Hotel roof Monday.

Fair enough, both of them can do what they want, and Rihanna certainly deserves a little loving.

Is she leaning on her friend because she can’t walk in those boots? Aubrey Graham is shown out, also in NY, on 6/11/09.

The singer, who seems to have moved on from her ex Chris Brown following their altercation before the Grammys in February, stepped out with a new guy in NY, according to a source at the Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge.

The man in question is Canadian hip-hop artist Aubrey "Drake" Graham, who seems to have turned on the charm and left the singer looking "absolutely glowing".