The facilities are clean and the service is excellent.It is reserved for men and most of the time, the girl will provide you with an extra service (massage plus plus).My Place is a great venue to relax for a few hours, and it is not limited to the massage only: You also have a bar, a restaurant, gym facilities, a sauna, jacuzzi, a cold/hot swimming pool and a large screen TV.

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Most states, by statute, exempt from jury duty those who are in certain occupations and professions; however, such}-------------------- Page 58 ----------CHAPTER 2 "> Court Systems 29exemptions have been reduced or eliminated in recent years in an effort to make jury duty aresponsibility of all citizens.

Thus, while we express no view as towhether any number less than six would suffice, we can conclude that ajury of six satisfies the Seventh Amendments guarantee of trial by juryin civil cases. The persons who are selected to serve on trial juries are drawn at random from lists ofqualified voters in the county or city where the trial court sits.

Since then, much has been written aboutthe six-member jury, but nothing that persuades us to depart from theconclusion reached in Williams. What type of civil case must be tried before a jury under thelanguage of the Seventh Amendment? Why does the Supreme Court conclude that a six-person juryis as reliable as a twelve-person jury? Do you think the same result would occur if the proposedjury consisted ofless than six members?

40-43 Jalan Panjang Kedoya Phone: +62-21 5802993 There are My Place spas in several other Indonesian cities: Balikpapan, Bandung, Makassar, Surabaya.

Unformatted text preview: Business Law Brief Table of Contents PART ONE: INTRODUCTIONChapter 1 Law: Purposes and Sources Chapter 2 Court Systems Chapter 3 Litigation Chapter 4Chapter 5Alternatives for Resolving Controversies Constitutional Grounds for Regulating Business Chapter 6 Legal Aspects of International Business 99Chapter 7 Law for the Aspiring Entrepreneur 121PART TWO: Foundational Legal Concepts Chapter 8 Criminal Law and Business 145Chapter 9 Torts: Introduction and Intentional Torts Chapter 10 Torts: Negligence and Strict Liability 183Chapter 11 Property: Personal Property, Intellectual Property, and Wills Chapter 12 Property: Real Property, Leases, and Mortgages PART THREE: Contractual Relationships Chapter 13 Introduction to Contracts and Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Chapter 19Chapter 20Remedies The Agreement: Offer and Acceptance 271Bargained-for Consideration 293Contractual Capacity and Genuine Assent 311Illegality and Public Policy Form and Interpretation of Contracts 347Contract Performance, Nonperformance, and Discharge Contract Rights of Third Parties PART FOUR: Sales Chapter 21 Sales Contracts: Formation and Performance Chapter 22 Sales Contracts: Breach and Remedies 429Chapter 23 Warranties PART FIVE: Agency & Employment Chapter 24 Basic Principles of Agency Chapter 25Chapter 26Chapter 27Agency Liability Concepts Employment and Labor Law Employment Discrimination PART SIX: Business Organizations Chapter 28 Forms of Business Organizations Chapter 29 Partnerships Chapter 30 Nature of Corporations Chapter 31 Financial and Operational Features of Corporations Chapter 32 Limited Liability Companies and Related Forms Chapter 33 Securities Regulation PART SEVEN: Negotiable Instruments Chapter 34 Introduction to Negotiable Instruments Chapter 35 Creation and Negotiation 7'Chapter 36 Holders in Due Course and Defenses 725Chapter 37 Liability of Parties to Negotiable Instruments PART EIGHT: Creditors and Debtors Chapter 38 Secured Transactions Chapter 39 Creditor Rights, Responsibilities, and Remedies Chapter 40 Bankruptcy PART NINE: GOVERNMENT REGULATION OFChapter 41Chapter 42Chapter 43Chapter 44Business Administrative Law Antitrust Law Consumer Law Environmental Regulation-------------------- Page 2 ----------TABLE Content Preface Purpose of the Text Pedagogical Design Coverage of Text Supplements for Instructors Supplements for Students Acknowledgments Chapter i Law: Purposes and Sources Introduction to Law1. The judicial system of the United States is a dual system consisting of state courts and federal courts.

Indeed, citizensare encouraged to view the opportunity to serve on a jury as a privilege and obligation ofbeing a part of our constitutional democracy. The State Structure Jurisdiction The court's power orauthority to conducttrials and decidecases The small claimscourt has a limitedjurisdiction based onthe amount in controversy. Thetelevision show Judge Judy wasbased on the smallclaims court.

Many persons called for jury duty attempt to avoid serving becauseit involves a loss of money or time away from a job; but because of the importance offile:///C|/Users/n00153595/Desktop/sum%20alt%20text/Business%20Law%20Part%201%20to%20pg%20579.txt[5/12/2014 PM]jury duty, most judges are reluctant to excuse citizens who are able to serve.

not as bad as it sounds...), Herbal massage (relaxing massage with herbal oil), Hot stones, Body scrub (to exfoliate the skin) and traditional massage.

If you need more information, check their website: My Place Spa The locations of My Place spa and massage in Jakarta are: My Place Spa in Kelapa Gading Komplek Gading Bukit Indah Blok M No.26-29 Jl.

Bukit Gading Raya Phone: +62-21 4533199 My Place Senayan Komplek Ruko Permata Senayan Blok D No. Tentara Pelajar Phone: +62-21 57940849 My Place Wijaya in Grand Wijaya Complex Kebayoran Baru Phone: +62-21 7257669 Golden Boutique Hotel My Place and cafe This one is the one I tried, so my review of the massage is based on this place, which is quite new and that i recommend.

Gunung Sahari Phone: +62-21 6122222 My Place in Cikarang Commercial Center Bekasi Phone: +62-21 89842072 My Place Massage Spa Tangerang Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) Ruko Golden Boulevard Blok Q No. Raya Pahlawan Seribu Phone: +62-21 53161488 My Place Kebon Jeruk Komplek Kedoya Elok Blok DC No.