Each piece is entirely unique and a rare historical artifact made by village craftsmen with an extraordinary level of care.This is a beautifully ornamented with filigree work, silver beaded wire and turquoise cabochons Tibetan Ga’u box and the oval domed front is of lower grade silver (80%) approx. The antique Ladakhi necklace with three strands of very old and well worn coral and hand made silver spacer beads falls from a three holed spacer bead.At the middle each strand is four traditional Ladakhi lotus bud flowers, two focal beads and a round silver bead, and a very old turquoise bead with the smooth surface in the inside of the hole as a true signature of age.

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The silver hexagonal Gau prayer box is decorated with the traditional blue and green enamels favoured by Kangra enamelists. The front two rows of pierced repousse borders are surrounded by decorated floral designs and an open lotus bloom for the center.

The Gau prayer box is approximately 2cm (3/4″) deep and is missing the Gau backing plate.

This is an exquisite necklace of the ancient world, Circa.

250 BC-650 AD, years old, with an etched central oval tabular carnelian bead, flanked by two high grade silver beads, and two etched rectangular beads, interspersed with smaller round beads, each with an etched geometric pattern in white.

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Unique antique silver items with age are now becoming very difficult to find in India today.The traditions relating to these antique pieces is gradually dying out.With the abundance of gold and silver jewellery produced for marriages and temple use over the centuries, due to the tradition of melting the old for the new, there remains only a small quantity of genuine antique pieces or because old pieces that have been passed down for generations through family members do not leave the family heirloom.I believe these beads to be possibly from Persia, in the Bactrian region, the ancient name of a historical region, one of the ancient civilizations of Iranian peoples.This necklace is worn by the Toda tribe of Tamil Nadu, south India.The ring is covered with heavy high grade (sterling) 8mm silver cornerless cube beads and beaded spacer beads.