The first time I touched a woman, clutching, learning – chest, round hips, pubis. She hugged me from behind, gently but powerfully by clicking on the shoulders. And I do not intentionally slightly crouched, bent over.

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Arthur took the glass and they clinked glasses and otpili, the guy is a bit confusing, Lena put the ashtray on the table and offered him a cigarette to completely disarm the guy, so that he felt like an adult.

She crossed her legs, as if oblivious to give the floor to fall robe exposing her leg a little more, continuing to question him about the city, places, every little thing, occasionally clinking glasses and sipping a little wine.

Of course my mother was on foot, and I was sitting in a wheelchair.

All the way I quietly whimpering – so I did not want the clinic.

- Well, that came – my mother announced, entering the clinic building.

Quickly ask something in the registry, mom went to the right corridor.

Cabinet was our doctor as desk, on the ground floor.

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She moaned “No, no, it hurts, do not.” She stood up, “let’s go to your room will continue, the first time I see such a term. I say “Max, go help Lena to finish, once everything is gone, let’s just.