You can read more insanity in the full New York Post piece.

The book covers her career from being discovered as a teen and asked to join the Runaways, to her crazy life in the 80s and beyond.

In the run up to the book release, she is in the midst of a full-on publicity assault. ‘Led Zep.’ “He might have been drinking or pulling my leg, but he seemed to be dead serious in the ­moment,” she writes Ford held nothing back in the book, noting she contracted crabs from Dee Dee Ramone, and had trysts with Who bassist John Entwistle, Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore, Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton and Eddie Van Halen, who she prefered to call Edward: But the real meat of the story came when discussing her ex-husband, legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi.

Today, the NY Post ran a long preview piece for the book and it included many gems from Lita's life. For example, she was a part of an orgy consisting of Jon Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora: “Holy s–t,” Ford writes in her new memoir, “Living Like a Runaway” (Dey Street). Jon [Bon Jovi] recovered from puking and Aldo finally made his way into the action, and it turned into girl-on-guy fun at the Broadway Plaza Hotel.” The [Runaways'] first headlining show, at an LA club, found boldface names in attendance, including Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Ford wrote that she had a crush on the guitar god since she was 13 (Iommi is 10 years her senior) and eventually, after The Runaways opened for Sabbath, the two started dating. hauled off and punched me in the eye.” She was now stranded on a 10-hour flight with a man who had just mysteriously transitioned from lover to abuser, and spent the entire 10 hours in the flight attendants’ station.

Plant posed with the band in a Runaways T-shirt, then took Ford aside. Iommi has noted in his autobiography that the early 80s were the peak of his coked-out excess and Ford corroborates by saying the first night they hooked up, they didn't get very far: The couple were on the plane, and as soon as it started moving, Iommi, “out of nowhere . She planned to fly right back to LA when they landed, but Iommi acted like nothing had happened, and she decided to stay, she writes, “like a moron.” Iommi’s mother saw her black eye, and Ford learned that abuse ran in the family, as the guitarist’s father used to do the same.“After snorting tons of blow, he got angry and choked me unconscious,” she writes.

Johnson writes: "Lots of lifted eyebrows on the casting of Corinne Calvet and Rory Calhoun as co-stars in Powder River.

They were a mighty romantic twosome before Corinne married John Bromfield and Rory hitched up with Lita Baron." Johnson tells: "Rory Calhoun insisted so Lita Baron called off all her nightclub stints to await the stork in December.

The Calhouns had a 1949 date cancelled and aren't taking any chances this time." columnist Harrison Carroll tells about a big, new feud raging between her and Nora Haymes: "The girls had a terrific verbal set at the Calhoun home.

“When I woke up, I saw him holding a chair above my head.

It was a big, heavy leather chair with studs around the arms, and he was about to smash it over my face.