"I can't wrap my head around this one," Casola said of the case, calling it a "relapse" in deviant sexual behavior.

"I have a long way to go with my healing." Assistant District Attorney Anthony Casola said the victim didn't want to be at the sentencing.

Gardner already has a Megan's Law registration requirement from a 2010 conviction for possession of child pornography.

He's now classified as a sexually violent predator.

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David Gardner admits there's no excuse for putting a hidden camera in his employer's restroom to make a video of a woman. Gardner pleaded guilty to invading the victim's privacy.

But if there were an excuse, the excuse would be the repeated sexual abuse that was heaped upon him between the ages of two and 20. Kimberly Mc Fadden sentenced the 57-year-old Chester County man to four months to a year in Northampton County Prison for the crime July 16 at A. Gardner apologized to his family, his former employer and the victim.

"He has been struggling with his demons for a long time," said his attorney, Gary Asteak. "I damaged the people that thought so highly of me and did such good by me," he said.

Inc., an airplane-parts supplier at 5944 Keystone Drive in East Allen Township.

Man admits to planting camera in bathroom Gardner's father died when he was 8, which made it tougher to deal with the sexual abuse. He didn't come to terms with it until recently in therapy.

"I know now if a person cannot be completely honest with themself, there's no way they can be honest with others or in counseling," he said.

He said he lost his wife, his job and his home over the crime.