&item=phone First&action=view Phone Detail&selected Phone Id=5658&device Category Id=1 p=5658&m= stuck on 2.2.2 Froyo, still no word on 2.3 Gingerbeard the blue light sometimes stays on forever if you have a missed call Not sure what it meant by "Blue: You can an incoming call." https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/63952/~/droid-x2---phone-status-%26-notifications New email (gmail and universal inbox) green light stopped working after just couple of weeks.No sure about blue LED, since don't really know what it suppose to do. City ID trial, Slacker, Skype mobile, V CAST Apps, V CAST Music, V CAST Video, VZ Navigator Amazon MP3, Blockbuster, NFL Mobile Let's Golf 2, NFS Shift files app can play H.264, but not in Gallery not quick text, need third party apps like handcent, smspopup sometimes duplicate, or triplicate TXT https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/53637 universal inbox, why default to "Sent via Droid X2 on Verizon Wireless™", nonsense. cannot use full q HD 540x960 from gallery, force to crap to 400 something x 300 something pixels, why?

maps live wallpaper not updating-22

remove all gmail data doesn't work, install light flow lite, remove battery doesn't work either master/factory data reset (w/o erase internal data) doesn't work https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/54036? id=43044 https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/63875/~/droid-x2---master-reset-%2F-factory-data-reset all the color still work under "LED Tester" doesn't work in "Blink". A lot worse is Pulse News, not just force quit, have it rebooted (automatically or need hard reset) the phone more than once.

after many hours, it suddenly work again, don't ask me how or why. Worst one, it wiped all its own settings, have to start from beginning.

My Verizon and crashed and need reboot before they work again Maps (w/ Traffic) crashed too.

Maps got confused in Street View also, but not crash, just slow down Reboot by itself, not running anything once (something is updating in background?

tstart=120 got no signal some times for no reason https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/51959?

The settings screen enables you to personalise your set-up and offers additional information.

You can select your weather units for temperature, wind, pressure and precipitation.

) "Files" app crashed try to open pulse news folder with 1000 items sometimes slow to a crawl, touch screen not responsive, hardware buttons still works need update before can continue to use, cannot use after update, need power down and restart (probably can shutdown process also), otherwise keep looping on update.

"Street View on Google Maps" and "You Tube" auto update in marketplace and downloaded? Adobe Flash 10.1, GMail 2.3.2 didn't show as install in my apps, need to manually update to 10.3 and no Wi Fi, no GPS, no weather, my VZW gadgets, no Live Wallpaper, no Pulse News update, it would last a day click on first line is hard red highlight of mis-spelled word, help didn't say what supposed to do with it.