) Atlanta, North Cakalak' For all my fam, all area crew (AOWWWWWWWWW) Yeah mon!! The hottest negroes en Los Estados Unidos Hotter than Reno when discovered by Bugsy Siegal I'm black like Don Cheadle shoutin power to the people My rhymes dipping like the lifeline on the e-boat The raw sugar cane, Nutra Sweet, never Equal If you in a Benzito or your mother's Buick Regal I get up like Chino shoutin power to the people!!Yes, the first cut should be the deepest to penetrate beyond the muscle wall's inner regions First you was icin me, connect with the starin at the speakers Heard the rhyme, head high, what ya starin at ya sneakers You shy now, got a lot of things on your mind now You don't feel fly now, you huntin the exit sign down Fuck what you heard, cause I snatch the grapevine down (yea yeah) Don't understand how I ran the line down, rewind now YO!! Yo, me and the Mighty Mos shine like a light post Live nigga shit be straight FUCKIN UP THE WHITE FOLKS That's why they with it now, because niggaz like me and you we did it now, brought it to that level so they GET IT NOW We graduated saturated the game now Infatuated with the fame now let me explain how we doin this, at any time or any place ready willin and able let's get the dough secure the FOOD ON THE TABLE Ain't no time to hesitate at the gate Do it now! From East West North and South I got joints for all of those Heavy aquatic water flows keep them on they toes Tell them thugs that wanna be CEO's to be derobed 'Fore I wear your little dumb ass out like Easter clothes!

mos def dating now-30

Due to overwhelming popular demand MOS DEF announces a second London date on the 13th of April at the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire.

Plus support from Lazy Habits (Live) + DJ Shortee Blitz Tickets are on sale now through and EXPECT THE TICKETS TO GO VERY QUICKLY SO DON' T LEAVE IT TOO LATE**---This April sees a true modern-day, multi-talented, multi-media icon hit the UK for an un-missable series of very special, exclusive live performances in London and Bristol!

Not content with being one of the most important figures in Hip Hop music and culture, Mos Def has established himself as both a respected mc and poet as well as an award-winning actor.

During a prolific music career spanning just over a decade he has worked with an illustrious list of artists including Talib Kweli, The Roots, Robert Glasper, De La Soul, The Neptunes and Madlib to name but a few.

Give a damn whut fancy car ya hop owt Shut down your game like da NBA lockout Ya betta WATCH OWT! What what, we got to do it, do it We got to do it, do it, make me do it, do it What..

I'm bout to black on niggaz like I'm blowin on a sax, blowin my gats on niggaz Blowin my raps on niggaz - now let me mash out We fatter than the biggest ass chicks pokin they ass out! wha-what-what, we got to do it, do it Make me do it, do it Do it do it do it now!

What what, we got to do it, do it Do we do it, do it, do it, ah do it now!

Somehow in all this time he has also managed to fit in roles in TV series and films as diverse as House, Monster's Ball, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind.

His recent appearance in Gorillaz' new single suggests he isn't about to slow down any time soon.