Round 3: The single finally meets the two remaining daters face-to-face.Schulz presents juicy secrets, quirks and habits about the daters.The single has to decide if these are deal breakers.

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Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke will turn the R. Stine novel Eye Candy into a ten-episode series for MTV.

It will star Nickelodeon grad Victoria Justice (Zoey 101, Victorious) as a "tech genius" named Lindy who begins online dating only to end up with a deadly cyber stalker.

If Hardwicke follows the book's lead, after Lindy discovers the truth about her e-match, she'll team up with a crew of like-minded tech friends to solve murders across New York City.

In fact, Bowery Boogie spotted them taping on the Lower East Side back in November.

The only question remaining is, what will they call their Ok Cupid knockoff?We recommend referring to Law & Order: SVU for inspiration.You make think twice about socialing that rant or compromising photo after watching the series trailer for “The Hook Up.” MTV proves that nothing posted online is truly secret with its new dating show.“Guy Code” star Andew Schulz hosts the new half-hour dating series, which premieres weekdays at 6/5c beginning Oct. Over three rounds, single contestants eliminate possible daters starting with the skim details and then moving on to potentially embarrassing evidence presented from the contestant’s social media profiles. Here’s how the rounds go down: Round 2: One at a time, the three remaining daters’ secrets are exposed through web-creeping of their status updates, tweets, photos and videos, revealing their true online image.Also read: MTV’s ‘Ridiculousness’ Renewed for Season 4, ‘Fantasy Factory’ Gets 6th and Final Season And, when the last contender is left standing, he or she can flip the tables by deciding not to go on the date and opting for an alternative prize. Each dater then has the chance to defend themselves.The round ends with the elimination of one dater, leaving two to go head-to-head in the third round.