# # Possible values for the Options directive are "None", "All", # or any combination of: # Indexes Includes Follow Sym Links Sym Linksif Owner Match Exec CGI Multi Views # # Note that "Multi Views" must be named *explicitly* --- "Options All" # doesn't give it to you.# # The Options directive is both complicated and important. # Options Indexes Follow Sym Links # # Allow Override controls what directives may be placed in .htaccess files.

I wonder if there is any specific steps that I can walk through to make it really work? Apache is therefore configure by default to only allow access from the PC running the server i.e.

localhost or or ::1 But as it is a full version of Apache all you need is a little knowledge of the server you are using.

The simple ( hammer to crack a nut ) way is to use the 'Put Online' wampmanager menu option. That's not a problem as long as you have not port forwarded port 80 on your router, or never ever will attempt to in the future.

The more sensible way is to edit the file ( again using the wampmanager menu's ) and change the Apache access security manually.

First of all, I read at least 20 articles about this topic, and not one of them can match up the scenario and I screwed up the process numerous times.

So I turn help by offering my specific scenario if any help will be appreciated.Laptops or other devices are connected through a wireless router.I've tried: What I really tried to accomplish is really simply allow all users connect to that wireless router be able to acces my Win8 hosted WAMP sites. WAMPServer is designed to be a single seat developers tool.Of course you will need to check that your router is set to use the 192.168.0 range. Inside alias folder you will see some files like phpmyadmin,phpsysinfo,etc...This is simply done by entering this command from a command window One problem. but once I tried on my phone to access that website, its appear incomplete for some reason. open each file, and you can see inside file some commented instruction are give to access from outside ,like to give access to phpmyadmin from outside replace the lines Great!The next step is to open port (8081) of the server such that everyone can access your server. Like if you are using Windows Vista, then follow the below steps.