[Watch] — Is Queen Latifah and Paula Patton dating? Queen and Paula Spotted Together at ‘Perfect Match’ Premiere!!Queen Latifah and Paula Patton was spotted on the red carpet of the new movie ‘Perfect Match’.

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“Y’all my peeps (people),” she said, referring to the LGBT community. ” The Queen performed to a crowd of about 1,000 people for more than an hour, telling them to “keep your support system tight” and also warning about keeping safe from STDs.

“Thank you to all my favorite peep guests who came out to support me.

Ladies –- strap it up.” We applaud the Queen with her decision to come out.

Popular gossip website Radar Online has already confirmed the two are dating but states Queen Latifah is taking it slow because this is Paula Patton first lesbian relationship.

These are all just rumors nothing has been confirmed.

Queen Latifah manager stated that the rumors are crazy and made up, but the rumors are still flying on the internet.

Two years ago Queen Latifah gave Paula a baby shower for her son, so they’ve been friends for a long time.

This is going to be interesting to see how this turns out.

I guess we can formally say that Robin Thicke chances of getting Paula Patton back are zero.