, the winner of last year's Palme d' Or at Cannes, is under attack in Russia under a controversial gay propaganda law.

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However, the historiography of Russian attitudes to female same-sex sexuality is overwhelmingly the work of pious churchmen and “dirty medicos” as the philosopher and theorizer of “lunar love,” Vasily Rozanov, called the latter in his (1911).

(Rozanov’s idiosyncratic and provocative ideas about female homosexuality will be explored in detail in Chapter Four).

Few, if any, of the Russian authors of lesbian women had an original or specifically Russian approach to the women they named variously “girlfriends,” “perverts,” “sodomites,” “selenites” (lunar women), “tribades,” and “female homosexuals.” The Russian clerics reiterated official Byzantine ecclesiastical views on female same-sex “sins” and the medical doctors and later, psychiatrists, drew heavily on the works of western European sexologists, especially nineteenth-century German ones.

In November, a group of people led by local parliament member Vladimir Milonov, tried to disrupt the screening of the film at St.

sexual practices, very sporadically but specifically, since the fourteenth century.

As in the West, most of the Russians who have written about female same-sex sexual activities have been men and doctors, either doctors of the soul or doctors of the body or mind (churchmen, physicians and psychiatrists).Occasionally, during the twentieth century, lesbian women and their sexuality and behavior came to the attention of Russian male legal minds, as well.The fact that the actress who plays her is over 18 doesn't matter. The audience views her as a minor." LBI demanded from the prosecutor's office that a probe into the film be launched under the law against gay propaganda among minors, which was adopted last year and is viewed by many as a crackdown on the gay community.The organization also questioned the legitimacy of issuing an exhibition license to the film by the culture ministry.The theater run of is already over, but if the film were considered in breach of the gay propaganda law, it wouldn't be allowed to be available on online video services or broadcasted by TV networks.Meanwhile, it's not the first time has come under attack in Russia.