"Initially the parties used to be a good piss-up, but now they are just meat markets.Most people lose all their inhibitions because no one really knows them.It's like they are living a secret life." She said things could get pretty wild. They got drunk, danced on the tables and even stripped naked.

Cash-flush Internet surfers in South Africa are using chatrooms on the net to set up wild "sex parties" around the country.

The chatline sex addicts then jet around at the drop of an email to join the action in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

While some of the chatters go merely to satisfy their curiosity and meet their net buddies in person, many turn the get-togethers into wild parties with rampant sex.

Several Internet "sex addicts" gave intimate and lurid details of the chatroom "sexcapades".

Not that he complained, he just never showed up at a party again.

Most of the time people pair off, but not necessarily with the same person they ended up with at the last party." Hotbod said it was like being a sailor with a lover in every port.

"You can have a relationship going in every city." A chatter who goes by the name Felix has been closely involved in setting up Internet parties.

At the parties, people often ended up living out their wildest cybersex fantasies.

"Many of the chatters who are involved in relationships on the net meet each other for the first time at these parties - they have a couple of drinks and it's not long before they get it on," said Internet chatter Hotbod, who started cyber-chatting two years ago.