A foreigner comes to a new country and needs to learn lessons about love. A woman is a “naked platter” for her man as she serves fruits and sauces from her body.

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The nurse comes in to take the patient’s vital signs. The naughty patient seduces the doctor during the exam. The pirate on the high seas traps a fair maiden and has his way with her. A proper Victorian woman is seduced by the bad-boy rogue. The cowboy captures the Indian maiden and teaches her the ways of the West! The lonely man at the bar gets a blowjob in the bathroom. The gynecologist does more than just “the usual.” 9.

A serious “fight” turns into a serious grudge-fuck. The two handsome orderlies take advantage of the helpless patient.

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A woman gives the “gift” of her best friend to her husband for his birthday night.

The wife is tied up and “given” to another man for his pleasure. The movie star fucks the driver in the back of the limousine. A woman takes on a gangbang while her husband watches. A husband is made to watch while his wife sleeps with someone else. A woman is tied up and blindfolded while she gives head to a string of men. A submissive man is ordered to suck another man’s cock. The cop uses his handcuffs to restrain the wild and naughty whore.

Lonely woman having dinner alone winds up fucking the waiter on the table. The belly dancer tries to seduce the King so she can become one of his wives. The prison guard is seduced by the inmate and has wild sex in a dark corridor. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.

I'm a small town girl that enjoys online play time. I have a thing for older men as well, so most of my favorite role playing ideas are the young helpless female and the controlling sex driven older man.

( MMmm , just saying that got me wet ;)) Im open minded tho, so feel free to explore!