The AADSync preview will then be added to your Microsoft Connect account.

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Using the AAD Sync preview you will be able to: You can access the updated Dir Sync with Password Reset writeback here.

Once installed, you can configure the password reset writeback agent by opening an elevated Dir Sync configuration shell and running the Enable-Online Password Writeback commandlet. We'll have a writeback installation guide coming next week, so stay tuned!

You can join the Azure Active Directory Sync Services preview here.

Howdy folks, It's a great day here in Redmond – The sun is out, it's not raining and we have some cool new identity synchronization features available in preview!

First, we've added a preview of Dir Sync password writeback for Self Service Password Reset.

This preview capability allows customers who rely on federation or password hash sync to use Azure AD Premium to reset on-premises passwords in Windows Server Active Directory.Additionally, we've also released a preview of our new AAD Sync.AAD Sync is our newly created "one sync service to rule them all".In this first preview, we are using AAD Sync to enable synchronization from multi-forest Windows Server AD Deployments, a capability that all of our largest customers have been asking for.Over time (6-8 months), Azure AD Synch will replace Dir Sync and be included for all AAD, Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud service customers.It will enable simple synchronization like Dir Sync does today, but also have a set of much more advanced capabilities, for instance, support for combinations of directories (AD, LDAP, SQL, and others) and the ability to remap and swizzle existing on-premises attributes.