The new platforms will continue to support Intel’s current LGA1150 CPUs, as well as future LGA1150 CPUs.

Motherboard chipset drivers fix configuration problems, add new features and improve device support on that model of motherboard.

Motherboard drivers do not come out as frequently as a component like graphics card drivers, but checking every few months for new motherboard drivers will help you avoid any issues down the road.

Instructions 1 Navigate to your computer or motherboard manufacturer's website.

5 Start the installation process by clicking "Next" or "Install" and agreeing to the software license agreement.

Specific driver installation processes vary between the manufacturers, but you should not need to do anything more than click "Next" and restart your computer.

The market has switched from Z87 and H87 series motherboard chipsets, to the Z97 and H97 motherboard chipsets.

The switch to the 9-series motherboard chipsets is one of the biggest upgrades in the PC industry in years.

2 Click to enter the support or driver download page.

If you have a prebuilt computer, enter the model number for your computer to see if you have motherboard drivers available to you. 3 Choose the chipset driver download if it is available and select your operating system.