When you eat food, it gets broken down into various molecules that your cells can use, and these molecules are released into your blood.

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It’s not the “secret” to losing belly fat rapidly or “body recomposition,” it’s probably not going to increase your testosterone levels, and it’s not going to keep you young forever.

It may help you lose fat faster and maintain your ideal body composition, though, and it may be beneficial to your health.

So, in this article, you’re going to learn what intermittent fasting is, how it works, several of the most popular intermittent fasting diets, and how to use them to build muscle or lose fat. Intermittent fasting (or “IF,” as it’s commonly called) is kind of a misnomer.

It sounds like a diet wherein you fast (eat nothing for extended periods of time) at irregular intervals (intermittently), but most protocols have you fast on a regular schedule.

For instance, one popular IF diet (Leangains) has you fast for 16 hours per day and eat during the remaining 8 hours.

Another calls for 20 hours of fasting with a 4-hour feeding window, and yet another entails alternating between days of normal and no eating whatsoever.

Now, I mentioned that fasting involves eating nothing for long periods of time, but it’s a bit more than that…

I mean…eating nothing for 16, 18, 24, or even 36 hours and then “feasting”?

That’s going to help you lose weight, build muscle, improve mental performance, age slower, and prevent sickness?