I could hear her in the room moving around, her heels clicking on the hard wood floor with every step she took but she did not tell me to enter. Lifting her left leg, she put her foot to the side of my head and pushed me away.I fell to the floor in a heap but quickly got back up to the kneeling position. She was an intimidating woman, standing at 6 foot with her heels on and a powerful muscular but slim frame.She was wearing a low cut, tight black leather dress that showed off her ample cleavage and her jet black hair was scraped back in a high ponytail.

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“Come” I had been waiting outside the punishment room for the last 45 minutes. I woke with an erection and I couldn’t help myself.

I was stark naked and freezing cold but I knew better than to complain. My Mistress had walked in on me this morning with my hand round my cock, wanking myself silly and she was NOT amused. My hopes dashed, I entered the room and stood on the marker painted in the middle of the floor. With dull red walls, a dark oak wood floor, high ceilings and no window, it is already daunting and terrifying. I was so horny” “You think that’s a good enough reason to masturbate without permission? ” “Yes Mistress” “That’s the first correct thing you’ve said for days idiot.

She had slapped me and told me to go and get started on my chores and she would deal with me later. There is a spanking bench in the corner, a rack, a standing only cage, a kneeling cage, a queening stool, a toilet box, a large St Andrews cross and on a pedestal at the far end is the throne upon which Mistress sits. Now get over here, get on your knees and kiss my boots.

I meekly complied and I had been dreading all day the moment when she said it was time. The wall is adorned with all sorts of canes, whips, chains, shackles, clamps and almost any torture device you can think of. Start at the bottom” I hurried over and dropped to my knees and began planting kisses on her boots.

As I scurried past her with an armful of washing, she stood in-front of me and stopped me in my tracks. I have had the misfortune to use every device and feel the pain from every implement in this room many times and I was dreading what was coming. She was wearing black thigh high leather boots with a silver 4-inch sharp heel.

I timidly replied “Yes Mistress” and carried on with my chores. She stood staring at me for what felt like ages but was probably only a few minutes. I kissed the sole, the heel, all over the foot and gently began making my way up to the top. I could feel the heat from her body as well as her eyes on me.

I watched the clock all day and it seemed to race towards five o’clock at breakneck speed. Her eyes bore into me and her full lips were pursed in a sneer. I was careful not to touch her skin as I kissed the top of her boot.

At 5 prompt, I was waiting with my nose to the wall and my hands behind my back as I had been trained. I quickly shifted to her other leg and repeated the task of kissing gently all the way up to her thighs. To prepare herself for whatever she had in store for me to REALLY punish me.

Her long, shapely legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart, she hitched her skirt up to expose her ass and leaned forward slightly, so it was protruding inches from my face. I was so engrossed in my ass kissing task, I didn’t even see it coming. I lay down and she yanked first my left arm, then my right and secured them above my head.

WHACK I flew to the side with the force of her hand on my face as she slapped me. They were secured with shackles that were bolted to the table.

Then she grabbed my leg and pulled it off the table and secured it with a cuff on my ankle that clipped into a ring bolted to the floor. I was now tightly and securely strapped to the table, unable to move.