Dating Sites In Nigeria Anyone else been scammed by Romance Scammer from Nigeria or anywhere else?I was a member on a date site and received an email from a good looking guy in a picture.Claimed to be an American whose lived in UK and now works for the oil companies in Irag and Nigeria.

"-Voltaire, Candide is one of the less pleasant aspects of our Online Age of Anxiety that receive most of us now anonymous e-mails on a daily basis from people on their favorite, as it would rob us as soon as is technologically possible silly.

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Then put this button on your site, and follow it, so that you can inform the main search engines about changes on the website.

Any how after a few days of emailing he professes his undying love.

Then a few days later he claims he’s in trouble needs to get out quickly because he’s afraid to get kidnapped but doesn’t have enough money for ticket. i had a 3 day chat with a nigerian romance scammer.

His employer is going to pay him but only in US Money Orders which he can’t cash in Nigeria. i got cute photos, a pathetic sob story about a girl raised by her aged pensioner father after her mother died during childbirth.

He becomes insistent that you send him money to help him get to back to US and to you his soulmate etc… “her” grammar and spelling were atrocious, until she copied/pasted love-quotes i googled and found on several sites.

i was asked to send $ so that she could get a webcam, or send a webcam, or send a cellphone.

all of which i agreed to do (i lied.) i was hammered with questions about my personal life – i think this was an attempt to obtain possible password data. i finally got bored and made what is now the 2nd ignore entry on my chat list.

fortunately, i archived the chat, and am considering posting it as a cautionary tale.

Drum roll, please: The Top Web-fraud of the decade "men," he said, "something must have corrupted one, since they were still not born wolves, and they have the wolves.