By Tracy Achen The divorce is finally over and you're officially single, but are you ready to start dating again?While it's tempting to hook up with someone new, you need to proceed with caution and not get involved too quickly.First of all, give yourself time to get over all the garbage from you marriage, because old habits and expectations will color how you relate to someone new. Decide what qualities that you want in a potential suitor before even going out with someone.

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Once you find someone with similar interests and background, you have the chance for a good friendship, even if love doesn’t evolve.

If you have children, you need to enter this phase of your life gradually.

Begin by setting time aside to just be with your friends.

This way, when you do begin to go out your children won't resent you spending time away from them.

It is best not to parade a lot of casual relationships through your kid’s life, because it will cause anxiety in their world.

They can become fearful, insecure, jealous, and worry about being abandoned.

If it seems like you have met someone special, introduce them gradually for limited amounts of time.

Children will resent any sudden changes in routines.

You also need to make sure that you are spending individual time with them so that they don’t feel pushed aside or worry about losing another parent.