The Kiss The Bride star was spotted smooching with Durst on a secret date at Los Angeles' Whiskey Bar on Friday night.

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Former pop couple Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears have finally stopped feuding following their acrimonious break up and become friends again.

Spears and ' N Sync hunk Timberlake, both 21, have been at loggerheads since their split earlier this year, but on Friday night at New York's Suite 16 the pair decided to make peace.

A fellow reveler tells showbiz website Page Six, "Britney was there first with a couple of girlfriends.

When Justin walked in with two guys, they sat at a separate table.

A pal explains, "Alyssa feels Justin's no longer a boy, but not yet a man, to paraphrase one of Britney's songs.

She really likes him, but the reality is, she thinks he's just too young for her.

She doesn't know how to tell Justin, but one things for certain - she's fallen head over heels for Fred." » Britney Spears' family and friends made sure her 21st birthday was extra special Monday after taking over trade paper Hollywood Reporter.

But he went over and kissed Britney and talked for a bit." But relations between the pop pair seem to have a long way to go until they're as good as they once were - on Saturday, Timberlake skipped Spears' late 21st birthday party at Tan Da, which was attended by Star Wars stunner Natalie Portman.

He opted instead to hit the Vip room at Flow, where he grabbed a cordless mic and sang over the music for nearly an hour and a half.

» Pop prince Justin Timberlake is facing heartache, just nine-months after splitting from long-term love Britney Spears - he's about to be dumped by actress Alyssa Milano.

According to British tabloid the Daily Star, Alyssa - who hooked up with the ' N Sync singer after his split with Britney - has swapped the clean-cut star for Limp Bizkit rocker Fred Durst.