Performance: While WPF is actively being used to build large-scale, high performance applications like Visual Studio and Blend, further improving the performance of the platform based on customer feedback is a priority for us.Some key scenarios we are looking to optimize in this context are application startup, scrolling and virtualization performance of Items Controls.

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This momentum carries forward to today – 10% of all created projects in Visual Studio 2013 over the past 60 days are WPF.

Enterprises, ISV’s, and Microsoft Partners have made the technology central to their business, building amazing vertical solutions and mission critical applications for their customers.

WPF has amassed a passionate, vibrant, community that uses it to build data-centric desktop business applications on Windows.

A recent example of this would be a new WPF application that was developed by our partners at Inter Knowlogy.

To support upgrading to newer hardware, it’s important that existing WPF applications can adapt to new hardware capabilities coming to desktop machines.

Tooling: We will continue to co-evolve the tools for WPF when appropriate, alongside new platforms like . This commitment is reflected in the tooling investments section of this post.

Investments in some of these areas might introduce dependencies on a particular OS version and/or have compatibility risks.

This application was recently used by CNN producers in the mid-term elections to upload, validate, and configure the data seen in the on-air election application.

The election data is presented on CNN’s Magic Wall, which Microsoft’s Bing Pulse team helped to develop.