It’s because the city is ALIVE with all of the farmers [...] Anyone that truly knows anything about me, know that…

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A US artist joined 21 online dating services to craft his project, called "A More Perfect Union," which maps the entire United States, replacing the names of towns, cities and neighborhoods with the words people use most on matchmaker sites to say who they are and who they want to be with.

In oil-town Houston, lonely hearts are looking for "rich" "entrepreneurs", while in remote Maine, they desire "unmanly" "vampiric" types.

I really don’t follow some of the standard wine guidelines.

I don’t believe that certain wines go with specific dishes, only.

I think that you can enhance the taste of any meal with [...] I know it may sound weird to quite a few of you reading this but I get really excited about May-October in Chicago.

It’s not just for the obvious reasons…the weather, Taste of Chicago, the lakefront, Chicago White Sox or the football in September.

It may be a weird title but you have no idea how many times I have to explain this to people.

The NRA that I speak of is the National Restaurant Association.